RecurrentRiver II,  installation
Paper, ink, wax,  6.5 x 30 ft

RecurrentRiver I at WaveHill, Bronx, NY
6.5 ft x 26.5 ft
Recurrent River is a response to the dynamic changes that the Hudson River valley has undergone, both in its human and geological histories.

The Lost Ones                                   KeepIn/KeepOut
These two wall installations were in response to the anonymous labor that went into the making of the Great Wall in China. Exhibited at China2000 in 2003.

8 x 10 ft.

8 x 10 ft.

Yosemite, installation at Flushing Town Hall, NYC
108″ x 114″

Yosemite combines ideas about walking in landscape and about the human touch, in response to my art residency at Yosemite National Park in 2004-5.


All pieces:  Paper, ink, wax